2012-10-21 Drew And Zombie Randy

Drew Returns to host an hour of the show, and Jeffie turns Randy into a Zombie
  • Drew is Back
  • Joe on the Other Side of the Board for one hour
  • Drew did an hour called The Rockin' Rage back in the early 90's before MO would come on
  • Randy Loves Jeffie's Massages
  • Joe LOVES Jeffie's Massages
  • Just Relax Josh...
  • Not Sure Arydaea Does...
  • Apparently Not
  • That is some white hair...
  • I Think Jeffie Thinks This is a Hug...
  • Randy has become a very Violent Zombie
  • What a Face!
  • Gnawing
  • Jeffie Knocked Out
  • Josh Thinks He's a Zombie Too!
  • I bet Josh is Happy